This estate home located in the beautiful city of Vaughan is positioned upon a hill with panoramic city and golf course vistas. Having the young family residents in mind, the design is a fresh take on traditional style. Infused with hand-crafted architectural details, the design injects luxury and texture to the mostly white interior of this 10,000 sq ft mansion.

At the heart of the house is the grand staircase which is meant to be seen from most parts of the home and adds a captivating dimension to the backdrop of dramatic two-storey domed ceilings. The two oversized chandeliers are the jewels of this magnificent home, hung from hemisphere architectural domes and further accentuated by the oversized and ornate glass skylights. The automation system is a state-of-the-art tool which allows the home owner to control every function at a press of a button. The walnut clad library is a place of inspiration and work, while the wine boutique is built to entertain the vast array of socialites who visit this mansion.